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250,000 plus is obvioulsy a large amount of money, so you won't want to end up with the wrong product. We're sure that you'll agree that with 1000's of mortgage products avaialable, it would be very difficult for you to search out every mortgage...

...and even if you find one you like the look of, did you know that some mortgage deals that look good, are not necessarily the best?


We have made it exceptionally easy for you to find a remortgage!

With a remortgage, the terms of the original mortgage are renegotiated. There are many reasons why you might want to remortgage

mortgage-comparisonsTo take advantage of lower repayments. You may be coming out of a fixed rate deal or tracker mortgage and are looking for a better interest rate and/or alternative mortgage.

mortgage-comparisonsTo release equity that has built up in your home. You may have a lot of unrealised value in your home and remortgaging could release a lot of this cash.

mortgage-comparisonsDepending on the equity in your home, you may be able to remortgage to raise more funds to pay for home improvements such as an extension, conservatory or a loft conversion.

mortgage-comparisonsA remortgage could help you purchase a second home, holiday accommodation or buy to let property.

mortgage-comparisonsThrough a remortgage, funds released from the equity in your property could help towards your retirement costs.

mortgage-comparisonsA remortgage may help to rearrange your finances if you are going through a divorce or separating.

mortgage-comparisonsBy extending the term of your mortgage, it may be possible to raise money through by remortgaging.

mortgage-comparisonsSome borrowers use debt consolidation remortgages to repay debts. They consolidate all their debts into one mortgage loan, that offers better interest rates and thus reduce outgoings. If you've overspent on your credit cards, then using some of the equity in your property may help lower your overall monthly repayments.

There are a wide range of remortgages to choose from.

mortgage-comparisonsBUT FIRST, A WARNING: Please read the following carefully...

There are many reasons why you shouldn't trust your decision to remortgage comparison tables on faceless sites. In mortgage matters you need absolute certainty.

Automated mortgage comparison sites rarely give the full picture - the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) says "Never buy a product just on the basis of what you see in tables". They also say "Don't confuse off-the-shelf information with advice they're not the same."

mortgage-comparisonsAND HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS: This is where we come in...

We have access to specialist and exclusive remortgage deals and financial products that aren't available to the general public and we're proud to be able to advise you on the whole of the UK remortgage and secured loan market.

We also have full access to specialist, industry remortgage search software that will provide you with the information to help you make the best decision as to which type of remortgage you need, which remortgage lender you should use and which are the most attractive remortgage deals

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